Corporate Masking Bulk SMS is an excellent medium for promotion that maintains your branding.

What is Masking SMS?

The process of sending a message from the name of your company or brand name instead of any numeric sender id is called masking SMS. Masking sender id or sender name can be alphabetic or alpha-numeric like Hostever or A1 Travels. Masking sender name can be maximum 11 character and any special character like !ӣ$%^&*()-_ are not allowed by MNO. The masking sms also called Brand SMS

Features of Masking Bulk SMS:



Tk 0.65/sms


Tk 0.60/sms


Tk 0.55/sms


According to the rules of MNO, masking name or sender ID can be registered in maximum 11 alphabets.

No, at present only the English A-Z and 0-9 alphabets can be used to register Masking Name or Sender ID.

Any special character like !”£$%^&*()-_ are not allowed by MNO.

It’s take about 3 to 7 working days in case the sender has not been registered before.

It might take from 15 days to 30 days transfer & register the masking. It can be speed up if you can proof that you already asked the previous provider for releasing the sender.

When you recharge your account, your previously unused money will be added to the new account balance.

Sends up to 10 SMS or 1,500 character supports in one go except Banglalink. In the case of masking messages, Banglalink has the ability to send or receive messages equal to the maximum 5 messages in one go.

A one-time fee of BDT 999 Tk is applicable for registration of masking names in all operators. This also applies to the transfer of registered masking from another supplier. 

Available Plugins & Modules

WordPress Plugins

WHMCS Addons

Magento Extension

OpenCart Extension